A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Boo Ballers was created for #BooJam2015 (http://itch.io/jam/boooooo-jam) and was created in two weeks.

1-4 players

The themes were we had to make a game in the genre we hated in the obsolete Unity script language of BOO, and the games had to feature at least one ghost.

I did my part.

And I won't touch boo again.

Supports Dual Shock 4, Keyboard and Xbox 360 controllers.

Mac build is not guaranteed to work as I can't test it, and I doubt the DS4 controllers map the same on Mac so probably only the 360 controllers work on Mac.

Pres 'Esc' to exit during the game.

May the best oddball team of ghosts win.

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip.


BooBallersx86.zip 61 MB
BooBallersx64.zip 62 MB
BooBallersOSX.app.zip 74 MB